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About Bishop Omar

Bishop Omar


Bishop Omar Jahwar was the CEO and Founder of Urban Specialists, an internationally renowned community leader and advocate.  Since he was 17, Bishop Omar worked diligently to curb the violence plaguing urban communities and thus became a prominent leader within Urban Culture.

Over 20 years ago, Bishop Omar became the first state appointed gang specialist in Texas. In this role, he negotiated peace terms between incarcerated rival gang members and in 2000, brought over 400 gang members together to negotiate the first peace treaty between the infamous Blood and Crip gangs in Dallas. Widely known all over the world for his results-driven approach to interrupting senseless violence and bringing about positive change in communities with increased crime, and high poverty rates. Bishop Omar and his team committed to revitalizing urban communities to ending the culture of senseless violence.

As an authority in dealing with gang violence, Bishop Omar spoke at the White House on multiple occasions and even consulted with Russian officials on gang issues. His pipeline from the Hood to the White House was filled with a host of historically “unusual” partnerships and alliances that extended to his shared network.

In addition to his community activism, Bishop Omar was a spiritual activist.  He was seated as the Presiding Bishop of the Kingdom Covenant of Churches and Senior Pastor of Kingdom WAR Legacy Church.  Bishop Omar credited his faith with helping him to remain fearless in the face of serious conflict and violence.  He guided countless individuals into a relationship with Christ and away from the insidious lure of the streets.

Nearest to his heart was his family.  Bishop Omar is the beloved son of Bishop Larry L. Jefferson Sr. and Rosetta Jefferson, and brother to Leon, Roman, Larry Jr., and Fayth.  He is father to Omar Jr. (affectionately called Two), daughters Tabia, Omni, and Anaya.  Bishop Omar was a spiritual father to a great number of people throughout the nation.

Having been featured in dozens of newspaper and magazine stories documenting his work, Bishop Omar even attracted the attention of national leaders and prominent policymakers across the nation.  Former U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan brought Bishop Omar and his team as guests to President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address in 2016, with Ryan calling them “front-line poverty fighters.”

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